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On our bookshelf for 0-3 year-olds

Start early to grow a reader – it is never to soon to start reading! Even new born babies benefit from being read out aloud to. At this age books with textures, flaps and tabs are recommended to encourage a child’s interaction with the book. Also, books with big & bright images and fewer words help attract the child. Here are our picks... 


Book 5: First 100 Words by Roger Priddy

Age: 0-2 years

What this book is about: A handy colourful board book of first words and pictures for introducing little babies to the world around them.

Why we recommend this book: Soft and padded, this first book is excellent to hold on to for your baby. Its bright and colourful pictures are attractive and by relating them to real objects around them, babies can be easily familiarised with day-to-day objects. There are lots of pictures of baby-relevant items, food items, body parts, vehicles, clothing, animals and nature around us. Highly engaging.


Book 4: Owl Babies by Martin Waddell & Patrick Benson

Age: 1-3 years

What this book is about: Three baby owls discover their mother is not in the nest and speculate about her whereabouts, trying to contain their anxiety over her well-being and return.

Why we recommend this book: This reassuring story will appeal to little ones dealing with separation anxiety. The baby owls all assume different roles - like voices in a toddler's head - one missing its mother, one worrying about her safety and the third one hoping for the best and quashing the others' fears. All ends well when mama owl returns!


Book 3: Jane Foster's Let's Eat

Age: 0-3 years

What this book is about: A colourful book by textile designer Jane Foster in her inimitable style - introducing new words and corresponding images to babies with flaps and sliders.

Why we recommend this book: Eye-catching illustrations and patterns are the hallmark of Jane Foster's books, and this one is no different. In fact, the flaps and sliders introduce an additional fun element that babies will enjoy exploring. With lots of food options to look at for different meal-times, this interactive book is sure to be a favourite pass-time for little ones.


Book 2: Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Age: 1-3 years

What this book is about: A classic children's picture book, Peepo follows a baby's routine through the day. The round cut-out on each page gives a glimpse of what is going to come next.

Why we recommend this book: A much-loved book, Peepo is old-fashioned, but charming. There is lots to look at on each page and babies can relate to the routine described in the book, with various family members. The cut-out holes create anticipation and excitement revealing a bit of what the baby in the book does next. The rhyming story is easy to narrate and is enjoyed by babies and toddlers. A must have!


Book 1: Baby Faces - A Book of Happy, Silly, Funny Faces by Kate Merritt

Age: 0-2 years

What this book is about: A bright little book for babies with colourful images and pages that are truly indestructible.

Why we recommend this book: An excellent choice for introducing books to your baby, the Indestructibles series is built for rough handling by little hands and mouths! Each page of this one is full of bright colours and friendly baby faces that your baby would love to look at. The best part is the book is washable and looks great crumpled, twisted, and chewed on!

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