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On our bookshelves for 8 years and above

Books for children at this age help them make sense of personal issues they may face in everyday life – making a new friend or losing a friendship, moving to a new city, death or illness in the family - or world issues like war or religious strife. Fantasy is a popular genre - detached, yet close enough to reality for a young reader to see the world through its lens. Here are our picks...


Book 3: How Dogs Work by Daniel Tatarsky & David Humphries

Age: 6-12 years

What this book is about: Described as 'a nose-to-tail guide to your canine', this book covers dog behaviour, psychology, communication, history, dog breeds and celebrity pups.

Why we recommend this book: The perfect gift for a dog lover, this lovely book has answers to all kinds of dog-related questions curious little minds can think of. With a lot of cute illustrations to go with the text, readers will find themselves coming back to the pages of this book time and again to savour the interesting doggy-facts it offers. A witty and fun insight into the world of dogs!


Book 2: Roller Girl by Victoria Jameison

Age: 9-11 years

What this book is about: The story of Astrid who doesn't give up on her dreams through the changing nature of friendships and frustrations of trying and failing.

Why we recommend this book: A beautifully illustrated graphic novel, Roller Girl will rouse even the most reluctant readers and draw them into the story. It explores the range of emotions a middle schooler goes through and how with focus and perseverance, one can come up a success. An inspiring read...


Book 1: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Age: 9-11 years

What this book is about: A sensitive book about accepting yourself, being brave and the power of family love.

Why we recommend this book: Auggie Pullman's story will resonate with every kid who is trying to express his/her individuality, yet fit in. It shows how with courage and resilience the toughest of situations can be overcome. Its simple language and wonderful lessons about friendship and kindness make it a must read for children and grown-ups alike!

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